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neotek elite console with 68 mono returns & 4 stereo
studer a820 24 track 2" x 2
MCI JH16 2" 16track with transformers
otari mtr-10mkI 1/4" 2 track recorder
protools HD3
lynx aurora 8 & 16
yamaha ns-10m speakers
adam s3a speakers
tannoy pbm6.5 II speakers
grace design m901 headphone amp
avantone 5c soundcubes

mic pres:
electrical audio EA prototype preamp
langevin dual vocal combo
dw fearn VT-1
api 3124+
universal audio 2-610
ampex 600
chandler germanium
GML 8302
neve 1073dpd
wardbeck m460e (with eq) x 4
joemeek vc3

compressors & limiters:
urei 1178
urei la-5 x 2
urei la-4
urei 1176ln
drawmer 1968
ua la2a (with original UTC transformers)
empirical labs distressor el8x x 2
spectra sonics 610 complimiter
dbx 160x
dbx 163x x 2
valley-people dynamite II
valley-people dynamite x 2
rnc 1773
mxr mini-limiters x 2
dorrough 310 multiband compressor
shure level-loc

other outboard:
EMT 140 tube plate reverb
ivp intersound eq
a designs reddi di
manley massive passive eq
api 550b eq x 3
effectron adm1024 delay
urei little dipper
paia tube head
eventide H3000S
roland space echo x 2
roland chorus echo
lexicon lxp-1 reverb
akg adr 68k reverb
fulltone tube tape echo
radial q3 eq
radial komit eq
radial phazeQ
radial EXTC x 2
radial x-amp
echolette tube tape delay/ reverb
akg bx-10 spring reverb
akg bx 20e spring reverb
dbx 120 subharmonic synthesizer
gaggia td2 240v 2-group espresso machine

dynamic microphones:
akg 202 x 2
akg d112
beyerdynamic 201 x2
beyerdynamic tgx50
beyerdynamic m88
beyerdynamic d50
beyerdynamic d70
ev re20
revox 3500
sennheiser 421 x 3
sennheiser 441 x 3
sennheiser 609
shure 55s
shure sm58 x 2
shure sm57 x 2
shure sm57 (transformerless)
shure sm7b
shure unisphere a
shure unydyne b
shure unydyne III
yamaha subkick

ribbon microphones:
AEA 44
avantone cr14 x 2
beyerdynamic 130
beyerdynamic 160 x 2
beyerdynamic m500
coles 4038 x 2
rca 77dx
rca bk5a
rca 74b jr. velocity x 2
royer 121

condenser microphones:
akg 451 (ck5 capsules) x 2
akg 414b-uls x 2
akg 414eb (with ck-12 capsule)
akg 414 tlII
audio-technica 2020
audio-technica 4050
audio-technica 4033 x 3
audio technica 450 microphones x 4
audix 101
audix 111
beyerdynamic d57c x 2
blue bluebird
crown GLM x2
calrec/hebden sound 1051
beyerdynamic 201 x2
DPA 4061 x 2
klark-teknik ati
neumann sm69fet
neumann tlm103
neumann tlm170
oktava mc-012 x 3
rode nt2 x 2
schoeps colette with cmc3 capsule
shure sm81
shure sm94
shure vp88 stereo mic
sony c37p
sony c38b

tube microphones:
altec coke-bottle
lawson l47mp
lomo 19a9
lomo 19a19
peluso 2247le
peluso p12
rode ntv x 2

1967 ludwig classic drum kit 13/16/22
1977 ludwig vistalite drum kit 13/14/18/24
1989 sonor performer drum kit 13/16/22
1960's slingerland drum kit 12/14/20
remo 18" bass drum
slingerland 28" marching drum
ludwig 1963 supersensitve 14 x 5 snare
1970's fibes SFT 14 x 5 snare
slingerland 15 x 8 marching snare
1960's slingerland 14 x 5 radio king snare
1950's slingerland 14 x 7 radio king snare
worldmax black hawg 14 x 6.5 snare
1960's leedy maple 14 x 5 snare
gretsch COB 14 x 5 snare
ludwig pioneer early 1900’s 14 x 5 snare
1950’s ludwig & leedy 14 x 6 snare
pearl free floating 14 x 5 maple snare
zildjian K, bosphorus, istanbul & canadian zildjian cymbals

1960's ampeg svt bass amp & cabinet
1970's ampeg V4 head & cabinet
ampeg reverb-o-jet amp
ampeg b100r bass amp
gibson duo-medalist amp
60’s fender twin reverb blackface amp
kay 703 amp
silvertone 1482 guitar amp
garnet "the session man" head
1961 gibson skylark ampifier
garnet herzog
1970's fender super reverb
1970's hiwatt 4 x 10 cabinet
hiwatt custom 100 head
fender vibro champ amp
lectrolab model r204d amp
lectrolab model r203 amp
leslie model 8 rotating speaker cabinet
sunn ((o)) 212LH bass cab
kalamazoo model one guitar amp
several custom made warsaw amps by patrick fontaine

1960's guild m-20 acoustic guitar
gibson gospel acoustic guitar
fender jazzmaster "cij" w/ american pickups
1990 fender “wayne’s world” stratocaster 1953 harmony rocket hollowbody electric guitar
1973 gibson l6-s electric guitar
1970's fender musicmaster bass
musicman stingray bass
musicman sabre bass

1915 baldwin grand piano
early 1900's archambault upright piano
hammond m-3 spinet organ
crumar organ
fender rhodes seventy-three
conn church organ
farfisa vip500
late 1800’s bell & co pump organ
solina string ensemble
oberheim two-voice synth
lowrey carnival organ
yamaha dx-7
korg volca beats
korg volca bass
korg volca keys
korg volca sampler
linn drum
jenco vibrophone

various pedals…pro co rat, big muff pi, double muff, maestro fuzz, maestro fuzztone, EH small stone, echodrive, sparkle drive, phase 100, sans amp gt-2, ibanez echo shifter…bunch of other stuff

marimba & upright bass can be rented on request