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the hotel2tango sells analog tape, as well as supplies such as leader tape, empty reels & splicing tape.

we are thrilled to be canada's first dealer of ATR MAGNETICS MASTER TAPE. this tape is a new high output formulation, made in the usa. prices are as follows....


(all prices subject to change based on exchange rate and manufacturer pricing)

      1/4 splicing tape-$12
      1/2 splicing tape-$20

      1/4 leader tape-$20
      1/2 leader tape-$30
      2 leader tape-$100

all prices in CANADIAN DOLLARS. the appropriate gst, pst, or hst will be added to orders within canada. we accept cash, interac transfer and paypal. all orders ship with a free copy of TAPE OP magazine!

for more info, contact tapepls@hotel2tango.com